a recap of our talk on blogging

As promised, here’s a little recap of what Taylor and I talked about to the group of interior design students at a local college this week!

a talk about blogging + how it could be beneficial for you

After introducing ourselves and talking a little bit about our own blogs, we jumped right into how and why blogging could be beneficial for them ( and you! ).

a talk about blogging + how it could be beneficial for you

Taylor started by explaining how a blog is your online portfolio. No matter what type of business you’re in, having a blog ( that you actually update ) is a wonderful way to show potential employers what kind of work you’re doing now.

A few tips for polishing your online portfolio

  1. Simple design
  2. Quality photography
  3. Curated content

Creating a professional online presence is incredibly important. You already know the importance of making a good first impression. Well, many potential employers’ first impression of you will be created online! This is great because you’ll be able to connect with many more people online than you will be able to in person – which means more people who could potentially PAY YOU to do what you love. So, can we agree that having a polished online portfolio is important? Great. Back to Taylor’s tips for making that happen.

Simple design, quality photography and curated content are all things that require an investment. In Taylor’s case, she realized that her blog design was not appealing to her ideal client so it was worth it to her to hire me to clean up her design so she could reach those clients. She also invested in a nicer camera so she could take quality pictures of her work on her own which in turn saved her money from not having to hire a photographer for every project. ( taking a few photography classes or following a few photography blogs might be needed if you need help learning how to capture clean images ) Taking the time to curate the content she posts on her blog just requires investing a little bit more time in creating an online presence that will attract her dream clients.

Tips for creating a blog that is worth your time

After reading the information above you may be asking yourself if investing so much time ( and a little money ) is really worth it. Well, if your readers don’t turn into employers then no, you might not think it’s worth it. ( in terms of business. starting a blog is a great way to meet other creatives and become part of a wonderful community – which to me is totally worth it! ) Here are a few tips for making your blog worth your time:

  1. Define your goals. The first step, before you do anything else, is deciding what you want. Decide who your ideal client, employer or reader is and what your business goals are so you can make all of your decisions from there. Every choice you make from design to content should be made with your ideal client’s taste in mind.
  2. Take them behind the scenes. Again, think about what your ideal reader would like to see. Give them an inside look at your creative process. ( here’s an example: behind the scenes of the CLC redesign ) Do a personal post about your recent travels and how you can back inspired. While your readers might not want to know every little detail of your life, showing your personality and letting them into your life a little bit will help build a trust that just can’t be matched by a static website. ( which I think is also important to have! ) You can get a little bit more personal on social media channels like instagram and twitter if you want!
  3. Become a resource. If you give your readers something that they can’t get anywhere else they will continue to come back. That is why sharing original content is so, so important. Try sharing a few simple tips and tricks. Things that might seem so simple it would be silly to share might be very helpful to someone else. For example, since going to art school and working in the field, basic design principles have become something I know longer think about but just come naturally. I have to remind myself and these simple principles are not known by everyone and can be incredibly helpful!

So, if you want your blog to be worth your time, you need to make it worth your readers time. When you do this, you will become an authority in your field. And because you’ve allowed your readers to get to know you, you will earn their trust and guess who will be the first person to come to mind when they need to hire someone in your specialty? ;)

Now for a very narrowed down list of blogs that Taylor and I love and think are wonderful examples to follow.

Interior Design Blogs

Entrepreneur Blogs

Retail Blogs

The students had some wonderful questions… I will be posting the answers here soon in case you guys have the same questions! If you have any questions regarding blogging or business, we have a handy little Q+A page for you to submit them!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)