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creatives to follow / emily blincoe

Every once in a while I stumble upon a creative that really inspires me. When that happens, I absolutely must share them with you!

Today I discovered a new instagram feed that I just couldn’t stop scrolling through.

who to follow on instagram: emily blincoe ( @thuglifeforevs )

Emily Blincoe has kept a few post series going through her feed, my favorite being #thisampersandthat

who to follow on instagram: emily blincoe ( @thuglifeforevs )I love the idea of putting boundaries on yourself that you have to be creative within. It can be a great exercise when you’re feeling uninspired! Like I’ve said before, a lot of bad work has to be made before you get to the good stuff. If you put a few restrictions on a project, you’re stretched and forced to try new things which usually leads to something really great that you would have never done before.

Follow Emily: @thuglifeforevs

On a semi-related note, have you guys seen Bri’s latest giveaway on Designlovefest? She’s giving away a dream office and I ( like everyone else entering ) NEED TO WIN! Haha! But seriously, what a perfect way to start making our new house a home!? ( which we’re still looking for, btw. ) Since the contest is taking place on instagram by posting pictures of your workspace, I’ve decided to keep it interesting by hiding something related to DLF in each post entry. Check out the first post in my little series right here! 


popping up everywhere

I’m looking at pretty pictures of Spring and soaking up the Florida sun today! The floral trend is really everywhere isn’t it? I’m completely okay with it.

spring floral prints - popping up everywhere!

  1. Event decor – Featured on Style Me Pretty
  2. “hello” free desktop wallpaper by Breanna Rose
  3. Emporium Pies branding design by Foundry Co.
  4. Madewell floral bikini
  5. Floral texture, free from Subtle Patterns
  6. Floral Boxed Cards by BRIKA maker, Shana Frase
  7. DIY pressed flower iPhone case on the Etsy blog

I’m clocking out early to head up to Louisville with my mister + a few good friends! ( This Florida girl is going to FREEZE! ) See you all back here on Monday.

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Happy Monday! I have jury duty today ( blahhh ) but I wanted to pop in and tell you about an organization I heard about recently, 100cameras.

100camerasAny time creativity is used for the benefit of others, I’m a fan. 100cameras uses photography to empower children to tell their stories and make changes in their lives.

100camerasYou can check out their story and find out how you can get involved right now!


clc christmas / taylor’s wish list

Well… I decorated for Christmas yesterday. At least I waited until the week of Thanksgiving, right? ;)

Even if you haven’t started decorating, I’m sure you’ve started making lists! I’m a list person already but even I step up my list making for the holidays. I enjoy making a list of everyone I need to find a present for and searching out the perfect gift. Although, making my own wish list is pretty fun too!

Taylor is sharing the items on her wish list today!

create like crazy / christmas wish list taylor laura of perfectly taylor'd interiors

What’s on your wish list this year?
See anything on Taylor’s list you might want to steal for your own? ;)


> shop taylor’s list: 01. desert textile earrings / 02. book: the perfectly imperfect home, by deborah needleman / 03. capri blue volcano candle / 04. “water” by karen smidth / 05. tally home doormat / 06. kew dhurrie pouf / 07. duckworth frames in marine slate / 08. convertible clutch

design elements by CREATE LIKE CRAZY design studio

west elm market

As you’re probably aware, I’m a big fan of west elm. Taylor, our interior guru, is a home stylist at WE. Wanna take a wild guess how we met? If you guessed my ridiculous number of trips to my local west elm, you’d be correct. haha! I may be a tad obsessed.

They just revealed their newest AWESOME idea: west elm market. A whole new collection of insanely beautiful product. I’ve rounded up my faves from each section of the store. Take a look and then let me know what your favorites are!

jordan brantley of create like crazy favorite picks from the new product at west elm market grand opening

( bundt pan / labeled mixing bowl set / olive wood salt mill )

jordan brantley of create like crazy favorite picks from the new product at west elm market grand opening

( heirloom scissors / wire mesh storage trayleather reinforced mason bag )

jordan brantley of create like crazy favorite picks from the new product at west elm market grand opening

( bag planter / plant markers / dolomite watering can )

jordan brantley of create like crazy favorite picks from the new product at west elm market grand opening

( sea salt soap / maptote dopp kit / scented hand soaps )

I’m not being compensated for this post.. take a look through the new market and you’ll be gushing too!


design elements by CREATE LIKE CRAZY design studio

haand featured on d*s

My girl ( and CLC interiors contributor ) Taylor’s boyfriend was featured on Design Sponge yesterday! ( she also did the photography. one talented girl, eh? ) He and his business partner shared some super interesting info about their business, haand.

haand pottery featured on design sponge

You may remember this little post featuring their beautiful pottery. I’m sure this won’t be the last time you’ll see their awesome work here!


( image by taylor ghost via design sponge )

design elements by CREATE LIKE CRAZY design studio