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Before I get into sharing a few apps I’m enjoying lately I just have to say, you guys are seriously amazing.

I’m so encouraged by all of your sweet comments on Tuesday’s post. It really means so much to me to have your support in my decision to cut back in posting frequency. I’m amazed how much more I’ve been able to accomplish during the day and then STOP WORKING at a reasonable time! So, thanks for being awesome.

On to a few apps that have also made my life a little bit more organized recently!

creative resources / apps

In order of newness on my iPhone: ( because I’m weird + need a reason to order them? Ha! )

creative resources / apps


This app isn’t exactly new but for some reason it took me a while to give it a try. When I finally did, I fell in love!

I always come across web pages that I don’t have time to fully check out at the moment, but don’t want to forget. Instead of keeping 800 tabs open on my browser or dragging a ton of links onto my desktop and slowing down my computer, I can just click a little button on the top of my browser and the page is saved to my Pocket account. Then, when I have time, I just open the Pocket app on my phone, iPad or computer and all of my saved pages are there.

Download the app here + the Chrome extension here!

creative resources / apps


There is a lot of hype about this new app, and for a good reason! It has really improved the way I do email – not to mention it’s beautiful UI, perfect for design snobs. ;) It makes it easy for Gmail users to keep their email under control. AND there’s extra incentive to get the inbox to zero: getting to see what awesome image they’ve discovered and shared with us. ( Seriously, it really makes me want to get through my emails every day just a bit more. Ha! )

There is a waiting list for the app but it is well worth the wait. ( Also, my husband just signed up recently and I swear it’s going much faster for him! )

Download the app here!

creative resources / apps


Aaaaaand now for the newest app on my iphone. I was pumped when Taylor told me about this new calendar app! I’ve started using Google calendars more recently for scheduling work and life events so this came into my life at the perfect time. ( Trying a digital version of my time management system in case I don’t have as much office space when we move. ) It also syncs Facebook and LinkedIn events. Also, I dig the design.

Download the app here!

You know the drill.

It’s your turn! What apps have you downloaded and loved recently?

new in the shop: customizable blog post templates

Happy Monday! Here’s something exciting to start off your week: new products in the CLC resource shop!

just drag and drop! fully customizable blog post templates

There are three sets of blog post templates for you to pick from. Choose the one that best fits your site’s aesthetic and use them to speed up your blogging process and create a unified look without spending a ridiculous amount of time laying out images for each post!

just drag and drop! fully customizable blog post templates

Inside the Photoshop file, just drop your image on top of the shape you want it to fit into and it will crop to that shape! Super easy.

ANGULAR: fully customizable blog post templatesPlease feel free to come to me with any questions you have about using the templates!

If you use them on your blog, send me the link! I’d love to see. :)

►  Grab the templates for your blog!


setting goals + making things happen ( + another free resource )

This morning, in my email to the CLC insiders on the new email list ( get on the list right here or in the sidebar under “become a clc insider” ), I talked a bit about goals.

Goals are important for so many reasons. They’ve become important to me recently in allowing me to get through my long list of ideas and actually make them happen. Like I said in the email, I decided to make a change because I realized I was always busy but not always getting the important things done.

To make this change happen, I first made a master list of everything I wanted ( and needed ) to get done. Then, I put them in order of priority. Of course, client projects were on top of business/personal projects… that was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out a good plan of action for all of the ideas I have for the CLC resource shop. Guys… it’s a really, really long list.

That’s when I decided to take it a step further and create a goals worksheet for myself ( and for you! ) that would help put all of my crazy ideas in perspective.

goal worksheet for creatives

This worksheet can be used for small ideas and large scale projects alike. It has a place for you to write down a deadline, reasons the goal is important to you and how it will help you reach your ultimate goal ( whatever that may be – in life or in business ), details + a description of the project, and research findings.

You know what to do with the “TO DO” part, but let’s talk about the “TO DO after” part! I think it is really important to write down the steps that need to be taken after a project is completed. Personally, I’m very guilty of immediately moving on to the next thing on my list when I finally finish a big project.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, the ”TO DO after” list may be just as important as the actual project itself. If you don’t tell your potential clients or customers about your awesome new product you’ve worked so hard on, they will STAY just that… potential.

So, on this list you may want to write “write a blog post”, “do an email campaign”, “offer a coupon”, or simply ” share with facebook and twitter followers”. And then don’t forget to celebrate. I took the liberty of filling that one out for you. ;)

Now go download the goals worksheet, organize your ideas and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! And when you finish, let me know so I can help you share it and celebrate!

newsletters + changing up the CLC insider email list

We’re gonna keep it real today with an honest talk about newsletters.

Most of them are completely annoying and impossible to unsubscribe from. BUT some of them are really great! And only the really great email newsletters get flagged to read later ( or even better read right then ) instead of being sent directly to the trash or spam folder. So what makes email newsletters worth subscribing to? Let’s find out!

small business email newsletters for blogging and creatives

A few email newsletters worth subscribing to:
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resource shop / editorial content calendar

Hey friends! Ready for more free stuff? ;)

I’ve finally nailed down a design for an editorial calendar for blogging that I love so of course I’m going to share it with you! It’s the newest item in the CLC resource shop; you can grab it there for free. In this post I’m going to share a few tips on editorial calendars and how I use mine.

free printable editorial calendar for bloggers create like crazy resource shop

The layout is very open for easy customization since every blog is different. I’ll show you how I use mine but feel free to use it in whatever way works best for you.

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my fave wordpress plugins + a quick installation tutorial

Hey friends! Today I’m going to share five of my favorite WordPress plugins! ( plugins extend the capabilities of the wordpress platform – pretty awesome ) There are some really amazing plugins out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which ones to use. Here are a few of my faves right now. And they’re all FREE!

+ if you need help installing WordPress plugins, don’t miss the step-by-step tutorial towards the end of this post!

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