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I’m slowly catching up on all of my responsibilities that were put on hold for Christmas break. I’m totally still jamming to Taylor’s holiday playlist though! Dreaming of plans + goals for 2013 is definitely happening, ( and will be shared soon! ) but I’m really enjoying taking the time to remember 2012. CLC was launched in August of this year. ( crazy to think that was really only a few months ago! ) Let’s recap some of the highlights of 2012, shall we?

It started with a brunch to celebrate the launch of Create Like Crazy + an atypical about me post so you could get to know the real me. ( I’ve absolutely loved reading all of your lists as well! You guys are just awesome. )

create like crazy, clc, bright decorated outdoor brunch

That brunch was the perfect way to kick off CLC. It made me even more excited to collaborate with each of the wonderful girls. They have amazed me with their creativity!

CLC Contributor Columns:

Calli blows me away with her delicious recipes. Her brown butter pumpkin mac + cheese is still my favorite!

Courtney’s music column, I’m All Ears, has completely rocked. I still don’t know how she finds all of these talented people! If I had to pick a favorite so far, I’d have to go with Jamey Dee!

Taylor kills it every time with her interiors column. She’s also quite the DIY genius. I still squeal about that beaded wheat DIY decor project! It’s just sooooooo cuuuuuute! ;)

I’ve learned so much from Sarah’s photography column. Even the simplest tip can make a huge difference in the way you capture life! She really nailed it in her post on photographing for a blog.

Gosh, I can’t even tell you how much Ashley’s Lessons in Inspiration column has helped me get through those creative funks when they sneak in + keep me fresh with new ideas. Keeping an inspiration notebook has really made a huge difference.

I am so blessed with such amazing contributors and I am so glad I can call them all close friends as well.

CLC Featured Columns:

The Keepin’ It Real column, as random as it is, is definitely one of my favorites. I’m hoping to really go crazy with this one in 2013. Not just updates on my life outside of the blog, but a taste of what real life is actually like outside of the photoshopped frame. Scary, right!?

The How-To column has been so much fun! I never considered myself a DIY blogger, but I do really enjoy sharing my process with you when I do a project like the birthday crown! ( My Print It collaboration with Brittni of Papernstitch has been super fun too – especially since I do the design and she tackles the styling! Find them here + here )

The Behind The Blog interview series has quickly become a favorite of mine. I love getting to know other bloggers! Hopefully you’ve learned as much as I have from them. ( the inter[view] series has also been awesome for getting to know creatives in a different way! )

We just started the Behind The Business series with an interview with Claire of Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry!

Sharing my design work with you has also been exciting. ( and a little scary! ) I have a lot of new work to show you in 2013. And hey, maybe I’ll even make a website for myself! Haha!

jordan brantley of create like crazy

There are so many other things I could share with you – but most importantly, I just want to say thank you.

Without your love and support, CLC would not be possible! All of the comments, emails and encouragement mean more than I can explain. This community just continues to amaze me!

So, from all of the girls here at CLC, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.


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