guest pinner: live more, create more

Happy Monday, dear friends. I hope your weekend was as restful + rejuvenating as mine! We’ll post pictures from our Savannah mini-getaway soon but for now you can see just now crazy I am on three hours of sleep in Sarah’s vine video. Ridic.

This month I’ll be the guest pinner for the Live More, Create More board created by Elena of Randomly Happy.

Here are a few things inspiring me now:
guest pinner: live more, create moreI love Elena’s idea to search out inspiration and find out what is inspiring other creatives. It is a community-minded board so head over to her site and shoot her an email if you’re interested in pinning to the board as well.

So, what’s inspiring you these days?

+ THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the incredible support on relaunch day! I can’t tell you how encouraging your words are.