interiors / tips for renewing your space without breaking the bank

interiors / tips for renewing your space

interiors / tips for renewing your space without breaking the bank

Sometimes I get in this mood where I want to get rid of EVERYTHING and buy all new EVERYTHING for my home.  Jordan and I have discussed this, and then we cry laugh because the reality is… there just isn’t a budget for that! Being resourceful and planning ahead will help keep your pocket book happy. Here are some ways to renew your space without breaking the bank:

1. Gather ideas. Whether you have a Pinterest, a scrap book with magazine clippings, or prefer to sketch out what is in your head (This post by my former professor is a great resource for sketching a view of your room), start gathering inspiration that helps you imagine new possibilities for your space. This will help get the creative juices in you flowing.

2. Edit your ideas. What is the common thread in all of the inspiration you have gathered? Write a couple sentences about the feeling you want your space(s) to evoke, the colors you want to see in it, the items you need to make the space(s) function properly and the items you want because you are into them at the moment. Select three images/products that you feel best show the direction you are headed and reference back to these to remind yourself of what you wanted. Nothing is worse than what I call “schizophrenic decorating”…random purchases that make no sense together in the end.

3. Re-configure furniture. Moving a few major pieces around might change the function of the room(s) in such a way that you no longer “need” an item that was on your list. Try this before immediately going out to buy something.

interiors / tips for renewing your space without breaking the bank

4. D.I.Y. That trendier item that you’ve pinned a thousand times can probably be replicated with a simple D.I.Y. project. While this will take some effort, it will save you money and you can personalize your project more than the store bought version.

5. Swap things out. Once you have furniture in place, have repainted, or built/made something new – you might decide that your accessories don’t work the way they did before. Try moving what you have around to different rooms, or to different surfaces.

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- Taylor


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