Kids Pottery on Wheels


  • Items may not be exact as our pictures.
  • We are not responsible for any damage outside the store.
  • Both steps must be completed in order for your Pottery on Wheels package to be confirmed! 
  • We will call you to confirm after you've submitted both steps.


  • $25 for each painter/bisque
  • Pay online by choosing one of our packages below
  • Example: If you would like 4 sport trophies, click on our sport trophy link and add "4" to your cart! 

Step 1:


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Pick Up Date
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Return Date
*After painting, the bisques must be baked. Must be within 10 days of the pick up date.
*Choose up to 6 colors. Options are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black ,Brown, Grey, White and several skin tones (you tell us which). You can also choose a light and dark of the same color.
Example: dogs, kitten, pig-shaped banks, flower cups, etc.
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Step 2:

Choose one of our choices below to buy your package! 

Animals & Figurines ($25)

Click here for animal and figurine themed packages!



BANKS ($25)

Click here for bank-themed Pottery on Wheel packages!


Trophies ($25)

Click here to purchase trophy-theme packages!




Cups & Plates ($25)

Click here to purchase cup and plate-themed packages!

Looking to add more than one kind of package? Click here to access our full online store and scroll down to Pottery on Wheel Packages (kids).