panic is part of the creative process

panic is part of my process

Can we talk about the creative process a little bit? I’m interested in finding out what yours is like. I was discussing this topic with Brittni of papernstitch recently… it sounds like I’m not alone.

During every project I have at least one moment ( or day… or week ) of sheer panic. Thoughts like: “OMG, I’m a terrible designer”, “This is never going to look right” and “There’s no way I’m going to finish all of this in time” run through my ( apparently super dramatic ) mind.

But you know what? I’m always happy with the end result. I always finish on time. Projects always leave me with a sense of accomplishment and joy. The projects I freak out about the most are usually the ones I care about and am most excited about.

panic is part of the creative process

So, I’m sure I could chill out a little ( getting better at keeping a list of “yay moments” and accomplishments will certainly help ) but I think panic is a somewhat essential part of my process.

What about you?
What is your process like?
Have any usual freak out moments?


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