photography tip / calibrating your computer

photography tip / calibrating your computer

Now that 2013 has arrived I have a list of things to improve, goals to reach and things to just get done! One of the first things I wanted to do was calibrate my computer monitors. I had gotten a bit behind on this in recent days and it was time to calibrate again.

Color calibration is key for not only photographers, but all digital artists. It measures and adjusts the color input and output of your monitor. Your work will show up differently on different monitors and when printed if your computer is not calibrated properly. Always try this before buying a new monitor if you think your color is off!

photography tip / calibrating your computer

Personally, I use the Spyder 4 pro. I’ve installed the program on my computers and calibrated my monitors to make sure my images look the same on each. I have scheduled reminders weekly to run the calibration to make sure my monitor’s color is spot on.

Having a calibrated monitor will save you so much headache. Your images and printed work should look just like your digital version. It’s a must for digital artists!

It’s an easy thing to check off your list! Here’s to 2013!
- Sarah


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