Would you like to have a pottery painting party in the future but cannot come into the studio to paint? Well, Paint Your Own Pottery can offer you the opportunity to host a pottery painting party in the convenience of your own home! 

How it works:

pottery on wheels
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of pottery you can take home! 
    • You can either take all the same bisque or all different bisques - your choice!
  • You'll take home 6 different colors (5 of your choice, and either black OR white)
  • You'll take home an assorted selection and amount of brushes depending on your POW party
  • All items (brushes, paints, and bisques) must be returned to PYOP within 2 weeks of leaving the store


  • Similar to the Picasso Party
    • Choose bisque from the Party Selection shelf
    • $25 for each painter/bisque

ADULT POW pricing:

  • Choose any bisque(s) under $40
  • $15 per every two bisques