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new from the studio: oh, i design

How’s everyone doing out there? I feel slightly disconnected from the internet world since I’ve cut back on blogging – but it has been a good thing, for sure.

This weekend we got our house ready to be put back up for rent and started looking at houses! ( EEEEEEE!! ) I’m not sure I was ready for the emotional side of finding a house, whew! But, I’m super excited to see what God has planned for our future.

Now that you’re all caught up on my crazy little life, it’s time for a big reveal from the design studio! Last week, Jessica Packard revealed her newly renovated blog, Oh, I Design! It was such a blessing to work with this sweet girl and have the opportunity to get to know her.

Oh, I Design blog design by jordan brantley

Here’s a short interview with Jessica, the interior design guru behind Oh, I Design:

Tell us a bit about Oh, I Design! What can new readers expect?
Oh, I Design is my little piece of the internet focused around all things interiors along with posts about San Diego, other creatives, events + just inspiration. It originated when my now fiance and I made a big move from Oklahoma to San Diego, I found it was the perfect place to keep up with my friends and family from home. It has transitioned into more than I ever thought and I have met so many fantastic people through it.

Has your blog had a big effect on your career in interior design?
Absolutely! I am a big believer in “it’s all about who you know” and again, I have met a lot of great people through my blog/social media that have connected me to new clients and job opportunities. It (eh…she? my blog is a she…I feel bad calling her “it”) helped me find most of the closest friends I have in San Diego and I couldn’t be more thankful for that alone. But, “she” has also given me more knowledge about interior design through a lot of research and exploration for various posts.

How important was having a strong visual identity to you?
On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the strongest), I would have to say 11. Ha! Yes, I would say the content is the most important but how will people remember YOUR blog/website? What makes it special? What makes it…you? Before I had the opportunity of working with Jordan, I attempted to create most of the design elements on my old blog (poor old blog) and it was just….blah. Nothing reflected my personality and I eventually found I lacked the motivation to create more unique posts because of it. Jordan helped me gain the confidence and motivation I needed!

Thank you Jordan for having me on your blog and creating such a rad blog for me!! I am a big fan of yours!

16_ohidesign02Can you see why I love her!? Haha :)

With this design, we wanted to make it super clear who Jessica is and what she does as soon as readers come to her blog. ( here’s the inspiration moodboard we started with! ) We used hand drawn elements ( the furniture renderings are her own sketches! ) and graph paper texture to give readers the feeling that they’re getting a peek into Jessica’s sketch book.

Head on over to Jessica’s new snazzy blog and say hello!

Does your brand need a little spring cleaning as well?  

I’m currently taking new design clients for the coming weeks, so shoot me an email if you’d like more information about working with me on your project!


new in the shop: customizable blog post templates

Happy Monday! Here’s something exciting to start off your week: new products in the CLC resource shop!

just drag and drop! fully customizable blog post templates

There are three sets of blog post templates for you to pick from. Choose the one that best fits your site’s aesthetic and use them to speed up your blogging process and create a unified look without spending a ridiculous amount of time laying out images for each post!

just drag and drop! fully customizable blog post templates

Inside the Photoshop file, just drop your image on top of the shape you want it to fit into and it will crop to that shape! Super easy.

ANGULAR: fully customizable blog post templatesPlease feel free to come to me with any questions you have about using the templates!

If you use them on your blog, send me the link! I’d love to see. :)

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photography + blogging your way

Capturing images is the heartbeat of my photography business, but it requires so much more than taking photos. From the research I have done, the average photographer only spends 12% of their time photographing. The rest is devoted to editing, book keeping, taxes, banking, insurance  advertising, clients, emailing, social media, networking, equipment upkeep, meetings, album designs… and the list goes on! During any work day it seems as though everyone sets something on the back burner. For me, it has normally been blogging!

photography and blogging your way

As a photographer I capture stories. I tell stories through images. Therefore when it comes to blogging my words get jumbled, my thoughts get lost in daydreams and before I know it, I’m staring at images I love yet there are still no words on my page. After a few minutes of the war between typing and erasing I normally come up with something.  A few days ago my blogging world was changed when I realized something: I put too much stress on myself to write something perfect when really I need to post the images and let them tell the story. If I’m inspired with words I will write, if not, my images will tell the story.

Images without words can be so powerful. Words tell us how to read the story behind the image. I believe the beauty behind an image is being able to imagine the story however you wish. You are the reader, I am the photographer.

Therefore, whether you blog with words or with images, blog. Every story is written and read differently. Just remember, YOU are the artist!

- Sarah

behind the blog / call me cal

Please welcome Callie from the lovely blog, Call Me Cal. Just the name itself is awesome, right!?

Enough gushing from me, you can find out how awesome Cal is by getting to know her in this Behind the Blog interview! Make sure to check out her blog and say hello. :)

behind the blog / interview with callie of call me cal

So what’s your blog all about?
Short version: Call Me Cal is a travel and adventure blog
Long version: I am a Los Angeles-based blogger writing about finding adventure in the everyday, whether it’s at home or on the road.  I want my blog to be a resource for people looking to bring a little more adventure into their lives.

behind the blog / interview with callie of call me cal

When did you start blogging + what made you decide to go for it?
I started blogging in 2010 because I was feeling stuck in a routine where it seemed like I was constantly looking forward to the next big life event instead of getting excited for the all the days in between the major stuff.  I wanted to inspire my own personal sense of adventure while hopefully inspiring a few readers along the way. Adventure can happen anywhere at anytime: whether it’s trying a new recipe, exploring a new destination in your city or heading off on a vacation or weekend away.

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behind the blog / the curtis casa

It’s been a while but Behind the Blog is back! And who better to bring it back than the lovely Whitney Curtis of The Curtis Casa!? This sweet girl has some great things to say and share about blogging!

behind the blog / the curtis casa

So what’s your blog all about?
Short version: The Curtis Casa is a home, garden and lifestyle blog.
Long version: Part of what I love about blogging, is that it flows with your life. If you happen to be redesigning your bedroom or remodeling your kitchen, your blog reflects that and your readers can follow along and complete the journey with you! All the while, you’re allowed to experiment and grow your own style and sharing new projects!

When did you start blogging + what made you decide to go for it?
I started blogging in May 2010 to keep in touch with family and friends who were far away. I really started “going for it” and taking it seriously when I realized I was spending hours and hours in the evenings and on weekends documenting our projects and our life to share on the blog. I realized I wanted to be like the professionals I’d been reading for so long!

behind the blog / the curtis casa

Walk us through your typical day. How much time per day/week do you devote to your blog?
Well, my typical day has recently changed – significantly! I’m transitioning from quitting my 9-5 (in the non-profit/fundraising world) to blogging and freelancing. I was pretty unhappy at my old job so the fact that I get to stay at home, doing what I love is incredible! Right now I’m working on designating a schedule for projects, writing and social media. It’s all a mess right now!

How do you manage your time + stay organized?
Eek! I don’t! I’m trying really hard to start managing my blogging time better. I’m pretty organized – I have files for everything! – but the time easily slips away if I get distracted on Pinterest! ;)

How do you keep your imagination flowing + get past creative funks when they do sneak in?
I need to clear my head every once in a while when working on a project. Usually, if I get frustrated, it’s because I’m hungry! So I’ll break for snack time or take the dog for a walk and that usually clears my head.

behind the blog / the curtis casa

Do you have any quick + easy post ideas for those days when you’re short on time or inspiration?
I really love to show original content on my blog, photos of our house or diy projects I’m working on, so if time is short and I don’t have any projects I’m working on, I fall back on inspiration boards or style boards. I’m always ready to think up a fresh outfit!

What are a few business/blogging resources ( online or offline ) that have been beneficial for you?
The app and website TeuxDeux (by the brilliant Swiss Miss) basically saves my life every day.
I really loved the book Blog, Inc. by Joy Cho.
And I actually really enjoy HooteSuite for my social media managing and such.

behind the blog / the curtis casa

Do you consider your blog a business or just a creative outlet?
I’m right smack dab in the middle of this conundrum. My blog is definitely a business, I’m just trying to make it a full-time one.

How has blogging influenced your life + relationships?
Oh my goodness, I could probably write a book on this topic. Blogging has changed my life. Blogging has opened my eyes and allowed me to see the world in a different way. Blogging has opened my heart to some tender stories and some heartbreaking truths of my dear internet friends. Blogging has encouraged me to challenge myself, redefine my style and reconsider what I value in this life. How’s that for influence? :)

behind the blog / the curtis casa

How much of your life offline do you share on your blog? How does this effect your readers’ ability to connect with you?
This is a tricky question! I love getting personal with my readers, but building a business of a blog is also a professional thing. I had a funny realization about this recently – I had just posted about quitting my 9-5 and I had a business meeting a few days later. Of course they read my blog to prepare before our meeting, but I didn’t expect that they’d ask me about it in the meeting! I always try to be careful and professional, but sometimes the line between sharing personal stories with your readers and being professional is a bit blurry.

What has been the key to success for you as a blogger? Especially when you were new to the blog world.
I think you have to define what success is for you first – not for anyone else, but for you. I consider myself successful when I post a great blog post with original content and it inspires someone. When you’re new to the blog world it’s easy to get discouraged, but if you stay confident in yourself and your abilities, and don’t compare, you’ll feel successful – no matter how big or small you are.

Any further advice for fellow bloggers?
Fake it ’til you make it!

Thanks, Whitney!

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design studio / the art of being an intern

Today I’m super excited to not only introduce you to some of my recent work, ( which I’ve totally failed at doing recently, sorry ) but also to one of my FAB clients!

Friends, meet Shannon!

If you need a little inspiration for becoming a successful business woman, a little advice on work/family balance, or just a little something to smile about – Shannon is your girl and her blog, The Art of Being an Intern, is your new favorite hang out.

Here’s a bit from Shannon on why she started TAOBAI and what her goals are with this new venture:

I started The Art of Being an Intern because I’m fascinated by the thought that the women who inspire me most (Tina Fey, Diane Keaton, Ellen DeGeneres…to name a few!) once worked as fact checkers, children’s theater stage managers and store clerks. Before they became who they are now most of my (and your) literary, film and comedic idols had no money to their name, no influence over popular culture and certainly no one fighting for their careers to take off. (Crazy to think about right? Sometimes I’ll dream about being in a Starbucks line with a young un-housewife’ed Bethanny Frankel. We chat, become best friends and eventually start a company called Skinny Girl togther. Righe before I become a multi-millionare is usually when I wake up.)

So how did they do it? How did they achieve such great sucess with little to no help? My theory is magic! I’m kidding. My theory is they worked hard and kept at it until something happened that changed their career. (And then they worked even harder to keep up with that success!)

So after interning for over a dozen companies over the course or my college career I decided I wanted to blog about the madam to majesty theory*. (Which is to say, the theory that if you work hard while at the bottom eventually you’ll work so hard that you’ll make a spot for yourself somewhere, close to, or even in seeing view of the top.)

My goals for The Art of Being an Intern are pretty simple.

Goal No. 1
To inspire young women working in creative fields such as film, culinary arts, fine arts, journalism, graphic design, comedy, stand up, theater and fashion to really go for their goals, even if they seem unlikely.

Goal No. 2
To assist the ladies who read TAOBAI (sounds like a fancy yogurt company right?) in laughing when career times are tough, pushing on when it seems like a project leads to no where and thinking outside the box.

Goal No. 3
To have fun! Life can get so serious. Its nice to read something silly, look at something pretty and get inspired to do something outrageous!

The Intern (Shannon G. LeDuke)

*Made up theory

Are you crazy inspired by Shannon? I know I am.


► check out The Art of Being an Intern + tell Shannon I sent you! ;)

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