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design work: erin nicole photography

Remember this moodboard I shared with you a while back? I’m excited to reveal the finished product today!

Erin’s old site did a good job of showing off her fun personality, but needed an update in order to really show an accurate balance of fun and professional.

erin nicole photography / branding and website designNew shiny new site is clean and classic with punches of color and pattern mixed in. A huge goal of mine was to make sure the design enhanced Erin’s beautiful photography instead of becoming a distraction.
erin nicole photography / branding and website design

erin nicole photography / branding and website designCheck out the live site at byerinnicole.com! ( And her blog here! )

You can also follow Erin on facebook and instagram.


new design work: influence magazine

The day I finally get to reveal finished design projects to you guys is such an exciting one! It is a long process and launch dates usually come in waves so sometimes it seems like it’s been ages since a big reveal. I’m super excited to show you all of the projects I’ve launched with some really amazing design clients so far this summer.

First up, the Influence Magazine!

I was blessed to have the opportunity to work under Hayley Morgan of The Influence Network ( and her personal blog, The Tiny Twig ) to produce the network’s first online magazine! The uber-talented Jennifer Blair was the main photographer for the magazine – it was fabulous to have such beautiful imagery to work with.influence magazine / issue 01 influence magazine / issue 01 influence magazine / issue 01

The magazine is free for all members of The Influence Network. Issue No. 2 is in the works now and will be rolling out at the beginning of August so sign up quick!

Ps. Thank you all for your encouraging comments on last week’s post. I’m so grateful for your encouragement and understanding.


design process: inspiration moodboards

Hey friends! I’m busy with design projects, emailing and client meetings today but I wanted to give you a look at one of my current projects – I just love it!

I’ve spent a lot of time refining my process recently and one of the things that needed a small change was the inspiration moodboard portion. As creatives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when jumping on Pinterest for inspiration. If you’re like me, it’s hard to edit down a specific look because I just love so much! So, I decided to make searching for images part of the Branding Workbook that I send to my clients to get their project started. In the Workbook, there are specific categories that they need to find images for. A few categories being typography, color and texture. I ask them to go out with their camera or flip through a magazine to find these images. This way, they are looking for something specific as they search for visual representations of their brand and not becoming completely overwhelmed by all of the options.

This client  decided to stick to magazine clippings to collect images. After she gave them to me and we discussed them along with her completed Branding Workbook, I was able to narrow them down to the images you see on her inspiration moodboard.

design process: inspiration moodboardI just love the rich, bold color and typography she chose. We’ll be revealing more of her updated brand very soon! :)

Side note: I still love creating moodboards via Pinterest and I don’t think that is a bad way to go about finding inspiration. This is just what works best for my clients at this point!

I’d love to know what works best for you! Where to you go to collect visual inspiration?


new from the studio: oh, i design

How’s everyone doing out there? I feel slightly disconnected from the internet world since I’ve cut back on blogging – but it has been a good thing, for sure.

This weekend we got our house ready to be put back up for rent and started looking at houses! ( EEEEEEE!! ) I’m not sure I was ready for the emotional side of finding a house, whew! But, I’m super excited to see what God has planned for our future.

Now that you’re all caught up on my crazy little life, it’s time for a big reveal from the design studio! Last week, Jessica Packard revealed her newly renovated blog, Oh, I Design! It was such a blessing to work with this sweet girl and have the opportunity to get to know her.

Oh, I Design blog design by jordan brantley

Here’s a short interview with Jessica, the interior design guru behind Oh, I Design:

Tell us a bit about Oh, I Design! What can new readers expect?
Oh, I Design is my little piece of the internet focused around all things interiors along with posts about San Diego, other creatives, events + just inspiration. It originated when my now fiance and I made a big move from Oklahoma to San Diego, I found it was the perfect place to keep up with my friends and family from home. It has transitioned into more than I ever thought and I have met so many fantastic people through it.

Has your blog had a big effect on your career in interior design?
Absolutely! I am a big believer in “it’s all about who you know” and again, I have met a lot of great people through my blog/social media that have connected me to new clients and job opportunities. It (eh…she? my blog is a she…I feel bad calling her “it”) helped me find most of the closest friends I have in San Diego and I couldn’t be more thankful for that alone. But, “she” has also given me more knowledge about interior design through a lot of research and exploration for various posts.

How important was having a strong visual identity to you?
On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the strongest), I would have to say 11. Ha! Yes, I would say the content is the most important but how will people remember YOUR blog/website? What makes it special? What makes it…you? Before I had the opportunity of working with Jordan, I attempted to create most of the design elements on my old blog (poor old blog) and it was just….blah. Nothing reflected my personality and I eventually found I lacked the motivation to create more unique posts because of it. Jordan helped me gain the confidence and motivation I needed!

Thank you Jordan for having me on your blog and creating such a rad blog for me!! I am a big fan of yours!

16_ohidesign02Can you see why I love her!? Haha :)

With this design, we wanted to make it super clear who Jessica is and what she does as soon as readers come to her blog. ( here’s the inspiration moodboard we started with! ) We used hand drawn elements ( the furniture renderings are her own sketches! ) and graph paper texture to give readers the feeling that they’re getting a peek into Jessica’s sketch book.

Head on over to Jessica’s new snazzy blog and say hello!

Does your brand need a little spring cleaning as well?  

I’m currently taking new design clients for the coming weeks, so shoot me an email if you’d like more information about working with me on your project!


learning to manage my time …with post it notes

Whew, we made it through another Monday! Most of the time, the first day of my week is spent feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I have to accomplish before the next weekend. I try to devote part of my day to creating a game plan for how I will get everything done. Time management has been a struggle for me since I became my own boss and I don’t think I’ll ever have it completely figured out, but I can share what I’ve learned so far and what is working for me right now.

When I posted this picture on instagram of my organized mess of post it notes, a few of you asked how it works so here it goes!

I’ve tried multiple ways of organizing my work flow, ideas and schedule. Since I have so many different things I’m juggling on a daily basis, I was having trouble finding a way that really helped me get all of the lists out of my mind and organized clearly where I could see it all easily.

Side note: I’ll talking about clearing brain space in today’s email to the CLC insiders. If you’re not on the list you can jump on right here

Since most of my work is done online, I always find myself going back to paper and pencil whenever possible. My gold planner never leaves my side! Because of this, I always found myself writing things on post its and sticking them all over my desk + wall where I could see them easily. Of course, this got so messy it just added to my stress so the post it time management board was born! Hah!

work smart: time management board using post it notesIt’s super rough ( I’m kind of embarrassed to show it on here ) + I’m planning to take this idea and clean it up a bit – maybe with a more legit board and some paint – but this is what works for me right now! In the left column I’ve organized the different categories of my life/work by color and then brain dumped in the lower section. Then I moved all of the tasks/events that need to happen within the month into the lower right section. Each week I organize things that need to happen within the week into the day columns. Some post it notes say “laundry” and “lunch with mom” which happen ( or should happen.. haha ) every week and stay on the board so I can make sure to plan around them.

work smart: time management board using post it notesLike I said, this is what works for me right now. An app or online calendar might serve you better and thats great! The key is to find something that helps you get all of those “to do’s” out of your head so you can use that valuable brain space for actually creating and marking things off your list.

I’m always looking for ways that will work better so please, share!

How to you manage your time? Have you found any creative ways that work for you?


behind the scenes of the clc redesign / the shop!

Thats right, I said the shop!! I’m ecstatic to announce that the CLC relaunch will be happening this Friday, February 1st and you will see a new tab at the top of the home page entitled resource shop.

This shop will be dedicated to helping you take your creative dreams and not just make them a reality but make them successful.

There will be everything from products that will create a better experience for your clients ( setting you apart from the rest ) to free digital downloads. Did you catch that? Free! There will be quite a few items created just for you, free of charge.

announcing the CLC resource shop, launching Feb 1st!

So what kind of products are we talking about? Well, the list is long but here are a few things on it: social media cheat sheets, patterns, graphics, notecards, stamps, workbooks, and that cute little geoball in the gif above! ( I’ll explain more about the geoball soon! )

Since this shop is all about making your creative life easier, I’d love to hear what kind of products you’d like to see! Is there a step in your process that you dread or a part of business that you struggle with? Tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!


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