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modern diy inspiration for easter

When I think of Easter I think of new growth, renewal, and joy. I recently molded some Sculpey clay to make little figurines for around my home that serve as reminders of this happy season. I love my little Easter bunny the best!!

easy easter diy / using oven baked clay
To make your own:
  • Use white Sculpey clay
  • Mold into desired shape
  • Bake according to directions, let cool
  • Paint with acrylic paint, let dry
  • Place lovingly around your home, or give as a gift!

easy easter diy / using oven baked clay

easy easter diy / using oven baked clay

easy easter diy / using oven baked clay- Taylor

( photography by Taylor for Create Like Crazy )


learning to manage my time …with post it notes

Whew, we made it through another Monday! Most of the time, the first day of my week is spent feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I have to accomplish before the next weekend. I try to devote part of my day to creating a game plan for how I will get everything done. Time management has been a struggle for me since I became my own boss and I don’t think I’ll ever have it completely figured out, but I can share what I’ve learned so far and what is working for me right now.

When I posted this picture on instagram of my organized mess of post it notes, a few of you asked how it works so here it goes!

I’ve tried multiple ways of organizing my work flow, ideas and schedule. Since I have so many different things I’m juggling on a daily basis, I was having trouble finding a way that really helped me get all of the lists out of my mind and organized clearly where I could see it all easily.

Side note: I’ll talking about clearing brain space in today’s email to the CLC insiders. If you’re not on the list you can jump on right here

Since most of my work is done online, I always find myself going back to paper and pencil whenever possible. My gold planner never leaves my side! Because of this, I always found myself writing things on post its and sticking them all over my desk + wall where I could see them easily. Of course, this got so messy it just added to my stress so the post it time management board was born! Hah!

work smart: time management board using post it notesIt’s super rough ( I’m kind of embarrassed to show it on here ) + I’m planning to take this idea and clean it up a bit – maybe with a more legit board and some paint – but this is what works for me right now! In the left column I’ve organized the different categories of my life/work by color and then brain dumped in the lower section. Then I moved all of the tasks/events that need to happen within the month into the lower right section. Each week I organize things that need to happen within the week into the day columns. Some post it notes say “laundry” and “lunch with mom” which happen ( or should happen.. haha ) every week and stay on the board so I can make sure to plan around them.

work smart: time management board using post it notesLike I said, this is what works for me right now. An app or online calendar might serve you better and thats great! The key is to find something that helps you get all of those “to do’s” out of your head so you can use that valuable brain space for actually creating and marking things off your list.

I’m always looking for ways that will work better so please, share!

How to you manage your time? Have you found any creative ways that work for you?


how to: embrace messy hair

You know how just a few days ago I said there would be more videos coming? I wasn’t kidding!

I feel super awkward about seeing + hearing myself on video but it’s something I really want to do so I thought I’d start with something silly! ( to see just how silly, make sure to watch until the VERY end ) When I posted this instagram picture of my huge + crazy hair a few of you asked me how I do it so this is for you guys!

Here are the products I used:

how to: embrace messy hair ( video tutorial )

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! If you try out the crazy messy hair, I’d love to see!

rolling in inspiration

Have you guys had a chance to grab the GEOBALL template yet? It’s free in the CLC resource shop!

Last year I approached Ashley with the idea to create a “live version” of her Lessons in Inspiration column. I know most creatives get stuck sometimes – I do, for sure – so we wanted to create something that would keep you “rolling in inspiration“! It’s covered in quick and easy activities for you to do when your inspiration tank is feeling a little low.

Here’s a little demonstration of how to put it together. Grab the printable here!

Side note: This was my first go at creating a video in Photoshop so please forgive any quirks. Be expecting many, many more!

mini valentines banner how to + free pattern downloads

Guys, Valentines Day is Thursday. Like this week. So sneaky!

I don’t usually send Valentines but this year I decided to mix it up and send a little gift to my clients from 2012 to let them know how much I appreciate them. If you need a simple gift that can be enjoyed after February 14th, this will be perfect!

mini valentines banner DIY how to + free pattern downloads

mini valentines banner DIY how to + free pattern downloadsClick through for the full tutorial and downloads!

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oven baked clay christmas gifts

The Christmas posts just keep on coming! I’m sure you’re okay with it, right? ;)

I’m a big fan of foul-proof DIYs. This one is great for last minute gifts and they don’t have to be perfect to look awesome. The handmade look just adds to the character! So don’t be scared – give this one a try!

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

I went the easiest route possible on this one, folks: good ole’ oven baked clay. ( you can get some right here! ) For most of the shaping, I just used my hands but sculpting tools wouldn’t hurt! ( I used a kitchen knife a few times! )

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

*If you’re sculpting ornaments, don’t forget to add holes for ribbon or hooks before you bake your clay!

After I was finished sculpting ( the first batch at least ) I baked the clay and waited for each piece to cool completely.

For the camera ornament I used: gold metallic paint, gold glitter and gold cord.

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

I wanted each gift to be unique so I made sure to switch up colors and materials for each one!

For the paperclip, banner and thought bubble I used: metallic paint + glitter, neon spray paint + braided leather cord and chalkboard paint + yarn.

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

For this last gift I made a chalkboard banner for a recipe box and attached it to the inside with washi tape. It could easily be removed and used other ways!

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

how to: oven baked clay christmas gift diy

Have you made any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Side note: Have you been keeping up with the 24 Merry Days giveaways!? Tomorrow is CLC’s day! I can’t wait to reveal the prize!


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