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getting to know other “weirdos”

Friends! I wish you all lived in Jacksonville.

I’ve been dreaming of putting together some kind of group for right-brainers in Jacksonville for quite a while now. I tend to dream big and sometimes become overwhelmed by my own ideas. In this case, it became clear that I just needed to go for it and start somewhere. So, in a meeting with my friend Shayla, I decided to start small by meeting with a few other girls every other week at the same time and place.

Our first meetup was yesterday! It was so great to introduce friends that have never met each other and finally meet a few “online friends”.

jacksonville creative meetup at maple street biscuits

I’m not sure if this group will turn into something huge or if it will stay small and just be a good place to vent about how all of our friends think we’re weird. Hah! Honestly, I’m totally happy with either!

jacksonville creative meetup at maple street biscuitsThe brave souls who attended our first meetup, left to right:

If you live in Jacksonville and would like to join our little group of creative ladies, connect with us on facebook or come to the Maple Street in San Marco at 11:00! Our next meetup is scheduled for Monday, September 2nd.

we met online

I talk about really loving the blogging community often. Well, this is why! It makes it possible to become good friends with someone living in a different part of the country. ( or the world! )

Ashley and I “met” about a year ago when I found her blog via twitter. From the first few posts I could tell that she loved Jesus and design which was enough for me to know we’d make great friends. This was a fun story to tell to our “real life” friends when they heard she was coming to stay with me. We both got the, “wait, a whole week and YOU’VE NEVER MET!?” Haha!

After skyping for a year we were super excited to actually hug each others necks! We started the week with a chalkboard full of things we wanted to do before she went back to Texas. ( and two cameras ready to document the whole thing!  don’t miss the video at the end! )




We also got to spend one day with Sarah – getting a nice sugar high from Sweet Theory and walking around Memorial Park.





09Getting to show a friend around Riverside, my new neighborhood in Jacksonville, was so much fun. I hadn’t really been able to enjoy it since we moved and I’ve been so busy!

Having Ashley here also gave me a new love for capturing video! She’s super talented at taking the footage and editing a killer video – It was awesome to see. I’ll be practicing, for sure!


Ahh, I just want to watch it over and over. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful video, Ashley! ( AND thank you Sarah for capturing the images – we had our cameras on video the whole trip! ha! )


If you’re ever in Jacksonville, here are some of the places on our list:

Bold Bean ( if you go to their site, check out the picture in the bottom right corner!! hehee )

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

Cool Moose

Pele’s Wood Fire Pizza

Maple Street Biscuit Co.

Lola’s Burrito Joint

Mojo’s BBQ

Riverside Arts Market

The Image Church


( photography by Sarahdipity Photos / video by Hey, It’s Ashley )

jacksonville / one spark

Last weekend there was an amazing event in Jacksonville called One Spark – you may remember me explaining the details a few weeks ago. If I wasn’t so crazy busy I would’ve been down there everyday but I was able to get down there a couple different times. It was so encouraging and inspiring to see so many creative people together sharing their ideas in my city.

creative events in jacksonville / one spark

I got out of the office a little early on Friday to meet up with a couple of my favorite blogger ladies, Brittni and Caroline!

creative events in jacksonville / one spark

creative events in jacksonville / one spark

creative events in jacksonville / one spark

creative events in jacksonville / one spark

creative events in jacksonville / one sparkYou can check out the results of the vote at beonespark.com!

Annnd you should go ahead and make plans to come next year. ;)


one spark: the world’s crowdfunding festival for creators

Hey crazies! I trust you had a wonderful weekend complete with a breathe of fresh air like I suggested. ;) Today I’m going to share a little bit about an event coming up that I’m giddy excited about. One Spark!

one spark: the world's crowdfunding festival for creators

Since they can explain it better than I can, here’s a little bit about One Spark from their site:

“One Spark is a five-day event for creators. From April 17 – 21, 2013, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators will display projects in a 1.5 mile radius, multi-venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. One Spark is a belief that game-changers emerge from dorm rooms, garages, and small studios. It’s the community behind great ideas. It’s your chance to submit and decide on the next big thing. It’s the opportunity to get involved, be inspired, connect and collaborate.”

Basically, anyone can sign up to be a creator and present their idea to the public during the event. The public gets to vote on their favorite ideas and a crowd fund ( $ 250,000! ) is split up between the winning creators based on the voting results. The public can also contribute to any individual project they wish to help get started. Coolest idea ever, right?

one spark: the world's crowdfunding festival for creators

Last Thursday I checked out the last One Spark town hall before the actual event with Caroline of the blog Clumsy Crafty Happy. She is a creator and is already blowing me away with what she’s done with her idea so far. I’ll be featuring Caroline’s process as a One Spark creator soon but you can go to the website for her idea to get an early peek!

one spark: the world's crowdfunding festival for creators

We got to hear from the co-founders about how the idea started and the amazing process they’ve gone through to make the idea happen. The planning just started a year ago and people from all over the U.S. are flying in to be part of it. How inspiring is that!?

one spark: the world's crowdfunding festival for creatorsEven if you can’t make it to Jacksonville April 17-21st to be part of the actual event, I hope you’re as inspired as I am to make my crazy ideas happen.

If you are planning to come, make sure you register to vote on the One Spark website! And let me know that you’re coming so we can meet up!

One Spark
April 17-21, 2013
Downtown Jacksonville, FL
website / twitter / facebook / vimeo / instagram


remember to breathe

Last weekend my mister was gone on his yearly camping trip and I planned to really hunker down and knock out some work. Well, I did get a lot of work done, but only because I also took some time to step away from the computer and just breathe. It’s amazing how much taking a break can to do multiply your time when you get back to work.

I decided to bring my camera on a trip to the beach with friends while we rode beach cruisers. Not for a project or anything other than capturing the beauty around me and admiring the creativity of my God.

Side note: If you’re going to ride 16 miles on the beach… even if it’s cold outside, wear sunscreen.

beach cruising in jacksonville fl

beach cruising in jacksonville fl

beach cruising in jacksonville fl

beach cruising in jacksonville fl

beach cruising in jacksonville flGive yourself a break this weekend. Go soak up some inspiration sans-computer! :)


chamblin’s bookstore

You guys, I’m just going to be honest with you. I don’t remember the last time I went to a bookstore. When my friend Ashley and I went to Chamblin’s for the first time, I was surprised how quickly I fell in love! I could’ve spent all day sitting on the floor in the art history aisle… and then I found the design section. Ahh!

chamblins bookstore / jacksonville, fl

chamblins bookstore / jacksonville, fl

chamblins bookstore / jacksonville, fl Continue Reading →