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how to: embrace messy hair

You know how just a few days ago I said there would be more videos coming? I wasn’t kidding!

I feel super awkward about seeing + hearing myself on video but it’s something I really want to do so I thought I’d start with something silly! ( to see just how silly, make sure to watch until the VERY end ) When I posted this instagram picture of my huge + crazy hair a few of you asked me how I do it so this is for you guys!

Here are the products I used:

how to: embrace messy hair ( video tutorial )

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! If you try out the crazy messy hair, I’d love to see!

rolling in inspiration

Have you guys had a chance to grab the GEOBALL template yet? It’s free in the CLC resource shop!

Last year I approached Ashley with the idea to create a “live version” of her Lessons in Inspiration column. I know most creatives get stuck sometimes – I do, for sure – so we wanted to create something that would keep you “rolling in inspiration“! It’s covered in quick and easy activities for you to do when your inspiration tank is feeling a little low.

Here’s a little demonstration of how to put it together. Grab the printable here!

Side note: This was my first go at creating a video in Photoshop so please forgive any quirks. Be expecting many, many more!