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Large Reservations

Would you like to host a large family get together or a large group of friends? We have a couple of option for you to choose from! (for groups of 8 or more)

Main Shop

  • For a group of 8+ painters in our main shop 
  • Only 2 non-painters are allowed per reservation
  • Price: $10 studio fee per painter plus the price of the bisque you choose to paint. (Bisque must be $10+)
  • With this option you get; limited instruction, bisque, painting supplies, and 2 hours of studio time.
  • No food is allowed in our main store, however covered non alcoholic beverages are fine.

Party Room

  • Please look under our Team building/ adult parties tab for information.

Pottery on Wheels

  • Have fun painting in the comfort of you own home or location of choice
  • Take home bisque and supplies with you.
  • We also send you home with pre-typed instructions.
  • For large amounts of supplies and bisque we appreciate a call in advance of items and colors to put together for you.
  • We suggest coming in to our store beforehand to pick colors and bisque so we can have them all ready for you to pick up.
  • Check our P.OW. page for more information.
  • We strongly recommend this option to have the most fun with your group!