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Shut out?

Federal workers with time on their hands are welcomed to come relax by painting or doing a mosaic *Monday through Friday until the government shutdown ends. Pay for your piece only, no studio fees up to 3 hours.

  • Does not apply when FCPS is out of school on Jan 20, 27, 28 or on any weekend




January 18

Delayed opening. We will open at 12:30 on Friday, Jan 18.

We are open Jan 20, 27 & 28, when FCPS is out of school.

Snow Days- We love them! You love them! Just check here to see if our Team members can safely get in to open up for you!







Check the calendar for a list of our upcoming classes and events or call        703-218-2881 for details! 


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  • Tuesday: 10am - 7 pm

  • Wednesday: 10am - 7 pm

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  • Sunday: 12pm - 5 pm