and now, the good news: a new business!

I’d like to start by saying thank you for all of the sweet and encouraging feedback to the news that Create Like Crazy is coming to a close. It sure has helped me get through it! I am sad to leave it behind but, at the same time, so excited to have this fresh start.

My new business is Jordan Brantley which actually took me forever to come up with. Haha! I finally decided to go with my name so that my business can grow and change without restriction. It will also be the homebase for all of the business ventures I want to explore in the future.

jordan brantley jordan brantley

 The tagline, “brand artistry”, and the new branding finally represent me as an artist well. That is such an exciting feeling! It makes me even more passionate about creating accurate visual representations of my client’s businesses through design.

jordan brantley

I am so thankful for the past year of designing and blogging at Create Like Crazy. THANK YOU for following along and supporting me!



super sad news ( + a silver lining! )


It’s finally time for me to break the silence and tell you why I’ve been MIA lately. ( No mom, not pregnant. )

I have something super sad, but also super exciting to share with you: Create Like Crazy will be coming to an end next week. And yes, there is an exciting side, I promise!

To explain why I have to end CLC, I have start at the beginning

clc brunch

When I started Create Like Crazy just over a year ago, it was with the plan for it to simply be a blog where I and a few other “creatives” in different areas of art shared knowledge and inspiration. ( The image above is from our first event together ) Then I made the decision to roll my design business in with the blog and do both under the name Create Like Crazy. Since the domain name was available it never occurred to me to make sure the business name was available, especially since I wasn’t using it as my business name at first. ( I want to go back in time and slap myself! Haha! Please learn from my huge mistake. ) Through some simple research I found out a few months ago that “Create Like Crazy” is in fact trademarked. ( *insert bleeped out words here* )

Of course, I was completed bummed at first. This space means so much to me! It’s not just a space on the web, it has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful people ( you! ) and helped grow so many wonderful friendships. It has also been an amazing source of inspiration, creative outlet and catalyst in figuring out my “style” and place in the design world.

With that said, here’s game plan moving forward: to start a new business – solely focused on design now, but built for growth and change. I will still have a blog but, like I’ve done on CLC recently, it will be more streamlined and focused in an effort to give you the best content possible. This will allow me to spend more time on my design clients and the other ideas I have up my sleeve. ( heheeeeeeee! )

So yeah, it totally sucks that this wonderful space has to come to an end. But I am ecstatic about this new adventure. There are so many positive things about this seemingly terrible situation. I’ll share that with you next week when I plan to launch the new site! I hope you’ll join me for this crazy fun ride. Thanks for riding it with me so far!

getting to know other “weirdos”

Friends! I wish you all lived in Jacksonville.

I’ve been dreaming of putting together some kind of group for right-brainers in Jacksonville for quite a while now. I tend to dream big and sometimes become overwhelmed by my own ideas. In this case, it became clear that I just needed to go for it and start somewhere. So, in a meeting with my friend Shayla, I decided to start small by meeting with a few other girls every other week at the same time and place.

Our first meetup was yesterday! It was so great to introduce friends that have never met each other and finally meet a few “online friends”.

jacksonville creative meetup at maple street biscuits

I’m not sure if this group will turn into something huge or if it will stay small and just be a good place to vent about how all of our friends think we’re weird. Hah! Honestly, I’m totally happy with either!

jacksonville creative meetup at maple street biscuitsThe brave souls who attended our first meetup, left to right:

If you live in Jacksonville and would like to join our little group of creative ladies, connect with us on facebook or come to the Maple Street in San Marco at 11:00! Our next meetup is scheduled for Monday, September 2nd.

new york through my lens

It has been a while since my road trip to New York.

I have waited so long to share my pictures from the trip because I had this strange feeling of insecurity about them. It was the same feeling I got when I was in New York wearing a XL tourist sweatshirt: no one really cares. There are so many people in that city, somehow all in their own little world. When I was freezing, sick and my feet were killing me, it was actually really nice to know that no one cared what I looked like. Haha!

Taking these pictures was so much fun for me. I wanted to capture every hilarious moment, unique building and interesting person. Even though I still have a lingering feeling that my images of New York are just like every other tourists that passes through the city, I love looking back at the images and remembering the great time we had.

Here are a few of my favorites:

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city


new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

new york city

And in the spirit of keepin’ it real, here are some quick shots from my iphone.

new york iphone

design work: erin nicole photography

Remember this moodboard I shared with you a while back? I’m excited to reveal the finished product today!

Erin’s old site did a good job of showing off her fun personality, but needed an update in order to really show an accurate balance of fun and professional.

erin nicole photography / branding and website designNew shiny new site is clean and classic with punches of color and pattern mixed in. A huge goal of mine was to make sure the design enhanced Erin’s beautiful photography instead of becoming a distraction.
erin nicole photography / branding and website design

erin nicole photography / branding and website designCheck out the live site at! ( And her blog here! )

You can also follow Erin on facebook and instagram.


we met online

I talk about really loving the blogging community often. Well, this is why! It makes it possible to become good friends with someone living in a different part of the country. ( or the world! )

Ashley and I “met” about a year ago when I found her blog via twitter. From the first few posts I could tell that she loved Jesus and design which was enough for me to know we’d make great friends. This was a fun story to tell to our “real life” friends when they heard she was coming to stay with me. We both got the, “wait, a whole week and YOU’VE NEVER MET!?” Haha!

After skyping for a year we were super excited to actually hug each others necks! We started the week with a chalkboard full of things we wanted to do before she went back to Texas. ( and two cameras ready to document the whole thing!  don’t miss the video at the end! )




We also got to spend one day with Sarah – getting a nice sugar high from Sweet Theory and walking around Memorial Park.





09Getting to show a friend around Riverside, my new neighborhood in Jacksonville, was so much fun. I hadn’t really been able to enjoy it since we moved and I’ve been so busy!

Having Ashley here also gave me a new love for capturing video! She’s super talented at taking the footage and editing a killer video – It was awesome to see. I’ll be practicing, for sure!


Ahh, I just want to watch it over and over. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful video, Ashley! ( AND thank you Sarah for capturing the images – we had our cameras on video the whole trip! ha! )


If you’re ever in Jacksonville, here are some of the places on our list:

Bold Bean ( if you go to their site, check out the picture in the bottom right corner!! hehee )

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

Cool Moose

Pele’s Wood Fire Pizza

Maple Street Biscuit Co.

Lola’s Burrito Joint

Mojo’s BBQ

Riverside Arts Market

The Image Church


( photography by Sarahdipity Photos / video by Hey, It’s Ashley )

new design work: influence magazine

The day I finally get to reveal finished design projects to you guys is such an exciting one! It is a long process and launch dates usually come in waves so sometimes it seems like it’s been ages since a big reveal. I’m super excited to show you all of the projects I’ve launched with some really amazing design clients so far this summer.

First up, the Influence Magazine!

I was blessed to have the opportunity to work under Hayley Morgan of The Influence Network ( and her personal blog, The Tiny Twig ) to produce the network’s first online magazine! The uber-talented Jennifer Blair was the main photographer for the magazine – it was fabulous to have such beautiful imagery to work with.influence magazine / issue 01 influence magazine / issue 01 influence magazine / issue 01

The magazine is free for all members of The Influence Network. Issue No. 2 is in the works now and will be rolling out at the beginning of August so sign up quick!

Ps. Thank you all for your encouraging comments on last week’s post. I’m so grateful for your encouragement and understanding.


life is being lived

You guys are troopers.

If you follow me on social media you know that I haven’t actually disappeared forever, I’m just out living life! One of the many things I learned during my little blogging hiatus is to be okay with not being able to do it all.

Never fear, I can’t stay gone forever. I love you guys way too much! This community is something I’m not willing to lose! With that said, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to.

Shortly after my last post, I began a crazy long road trip to New York with my grandma, mom and sister. We first drove to Tennessee to drop off my youngest sisters with my grandpa ( poor thing! ha! ) and pick up my grandma. Their home is haven for relaxation and inspiration. It was the perfect start to the trip!

01After visiting with relatives in Tennessee for a few days, we made the long drive to NYC. And when I say “we”, I mean my mom. My sister and I watched the ENTIRE first season of Downton Abbey in the back seat. No complains here!

My first experience in New York was just as awesome as I imaged it would be. Amazing art museums, killer pizza, inspiring street style, crazy sore feet and a full memory card – NY deserves it’s own post. And it will get one!


Our road trip ended in South Carolina with a beach vacation with my dad’s side of the family. I absolutely loved spending time with them but of course, I was really looking forward to getting home to see my mister!

03On top of my excitement to see Chris, I was super excited to get in our NEW HOUSE! Yeah, we bought a house while I was in NY and Chris moved us in while I was gone! You can expect a LOT of “new house” posts around here. ( I’ve been posting little sneak peeks on instagram! )

04Since I’ve been home I’ve been getting everything set up in our new place, catching up on design projects and enjoying being biking distance from our good friends in this area of Jacksonville. Last week my girl Ashley came to visit and enjoy the neighborhood with me! We had a crazy list of things we wanted to do while she was here and by some miracle we actually completed all of them! Having her here was such a blessing. Come back soon, Ash! :)


So there you have it – an overview of what I’ve been up to! I’ll be back soon with more details of the New York trip, our house and design projects I’ve been working on. Thanks for sticking with me! You guys really are the best.