I am

I am fast. Kilns are not.

Paying for a RUSH order means your pieces will leap ahead of the items painted before yours.

But it still may take four or five days for your order to be out of the kiln. Your items will go in when the next kiln is available. If both kilns are in use, it could take up to two days before your pieces begin to bake.

Kilns take a long time to reach the proper temperature, 7 to 12 1/2 hours, and an even longer time to cool off, 15 hours or more. The kiln frequently reaches its desired cooled temperature after the studio has closed. So, that adds on e more day to the process.

Paint seven to ten days before you’d like to have your ceramics ready and during the week if you can.




Holiday Hours

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Dec 25: Closed

Dec 31 : 10 am -4 pm

Jan 1: 10 am - 7 pm







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