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in short!

1. Pick your pottery (price of pottery + studio fee)

2. Paint your pottery (Yes, it will be food and dishwasher safe!)

3. Leave your pottery with us to fire (7 days) 

4. Come back to pick up your pottery at your earliest convenience and love your pottery forever :)

Studio Fee

  • $5.00 per painter for up to an hour

  • $7.50 per painter for 1 to 2 hours

  • $12.50 per painter for 3 hours

  • Goes up by $5.00 every hour after 3 hours

  • Prices are per painter at the table (eg. even if only one person takes up to 3 hours at the table, everyone who painted pays the 3 hour fee.)

Only two non-painters per group, please. During busy hours, a fee for additional non-painters may be assessed. 

Here's how it works...

  • Select your piece of pottery

  • Define your design

  • Select your colors

  • Start your creation

  • Upon completion, leave your personal work of art with our awesome staff for glazing and firing

  • In about a week, we will call you to let you know that your project is ready for pick-up

  • OR Do a Paint & Take with acrylic and bring it home the same day (Paint & Take pieces are not food safe)

  • We do not allow food in the main store (non-alcoholic drinks are fine)

Can I bring in my own pottery to paint?

  • Just as no one would bring groceries to a restaurant, ask them to prepare the meal, and then ask for discount for eating there, using their supplies, taking staff attention away from other guests, we do not allow any one to bring in their own pottery to paint and fire here.

  • However, if your child has a school project they need fired call or email us to ask about it.

Pick-Up Policy

  • Before you come in to pick up, please wait for our call, so that we can ensure that your ceramic is ready.

  • Haven't heard from us after a week? Check your voicemail or give us a phone call to ask about your piece.

  • Please pick up your pottery within 60 days of our call.

  • Paint Your Own Pottery is not responsible for any ceramics not picked up within these 60 days. Left over items will be donated or re-purposed.


During the baking or cooling process some items may reveal stress fractures, calcium deposits, have pieces of kiln adhere to the surface, etc. And on occasion clay hand building projects can even explode! We do our best to make sure this doesn't happen with proper care and instruction and we are proud to say the we have a very low accident rate, however, dealing with this kinds of issues can be part of the craft. Should a kiln accident occur, we will do our best to repair your piece and make sure your experience with us is an enjoyable one!